TWICE ジヒョ、米人気雑誌「Allure」のカバーに抜擢! 「おなかがすいて死にそうだった・・」辛かった過去のダイエット体験や心境の変化について語る


人気K-POPガールズグループ TWICEのリーダー ジヒョが、アメリカで発行されている女性向けの人気マガジン「Allure(アルーア)」5月号のカバーに登場。シックで大人っぽいメイクやスタイリングが「美しい!」と絶賛される一方、“体型”に対する心境の変化について明かしたインタビューも話題となっている。




Introducing our May print cover featuring #Jihyo of K-pop group @twicetagram. A few months ago, we set out to create our first-ever Best of Global Beauty issue, exploring the incredible beauty resources and traditions beyond our borders. Then, as we were putting the final touches on these amazing stories, we faced a worldwide pandemic, sending us all into our homes. And now we need these stories more than ever–as an escape, yes, but also as a celebration of all the beauty still to be found around the world. Our cover star, Jihyo, is the leader of #TWICE, K-pop’s best-selling girl group that consists of eight other talented performers. In the piece, she talks about how she captures a few moments of anonymity as an international superstar. “I’m always tense and cautious about how people see me. But when I’m playing online games, I can feel the truest to myself.” Link in bio for the full cover story. — Photography by @ahnjooyoung_ Styled by @f9issue_official Hair by @dnsl6785_lululala Makeup by @lulu_dallae.j Nails by @nail_unistella Production by @visualpark_creative Story by @abelwoman

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