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二分間でソウル旅を楽しもう!Your 2-Minute Trip to Seoul, Korea [動画あり]





詳しくは動画で (For more information, watch this video):

【動画】2-MINUTE TRIP TO SEOUL, KOREA | 二分間のソウル旅

This is a montage of clips that I took when I traveled to Seoul, Korea in July for a week. This video mainly focuses on two hotspots for tourists: Hongdae and Myeongdong.

Hongdae is a fast-growing popular shopping district among teenagers that never sleeps. The area is covered with countless shops that sell fashionable and trendy items, like the ones that K-Pop idols wear, at a reasonable price. It also has a lot of restaurants and cafes for those looking for both traditional and modern Korean food. In the afternoon, there are street performances where people show off their talents through singing or dancing to K-Pop.

Myeongdong is also a very well-known shopping area and a must-go for those who are going to Seoul for the first time. It is packed with department stores, cosmetic shops, and shops with international luxury brands, but no one will miss the food stands that are dispersed across the streets. These food stands sell a wide variety of foods from spicy fried chicken to freshly cut fruits.

With all of this squeezed into a two-minute video, anyone from around the world can enjoy this virtual vacation in Seoul just like I did.

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