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ソウルのBT21カフェに行ってみた! [食レポ] BT21 Cafe in Seoul: My Review of the Store and the Food [動画あり]


BT21はBTSとLINE FRIENDSがコラボレーションして誕生した人気キャラクターブランドだ。








【動画】BT21 Cafe + LINE Store in Seoul |【韓国】ソウルのBT21カフェ+LINEストアに行ってみた

Recently, I went to the BT21 Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul. I will write about the atmosphere of the store and a review of the food.

BT21 is a popular character brand made from the collaboration of BTS and LINE FRIENDS.

The cafe is located below the first floor where the LINE character goods were sold, and the BT21 goods can be found on the second floor. The BT21 goods are similar to those found in the Japanese stores, but there is a wider variety for each character. The goods sold were useful everyday objects like travel goods and stationaries.

Although the cafe is underground, it is rather spacious so it was hard to choose where to sit at first. BTS songs were playing on repeat and a large screen showed the BTS members in the process of designing the BT21 characters with some animation. In this wide space, there are posters along with 3D sculptures of all the different characters which are irresistible not to take a photo. It is a nice place to relax.

The menu has LINE and BT21 characters’ original drinks and desserts. It also has limited edition drinks as well as a typical caffe latte.

I decided to order the COOKY (BT21 character) berry milk slush and the BROWN (LINE character) ice cream.

COOKY’s Berry Milk Slush had a pink color that was identical to the character’s. It tasted like a milkshake with a strong flavor of strawberries and other berries. The sweetness felt perfect for summer. The drink came with a pink slip with a drawing of COOKY and a signature which was nice to keep as a souvenir.

BROWN’s Ice Cream had a very rich, milky flavor that I was not expecting. It was decorated with a bar of white chocolate with BROWN’s face and Oreo crumbs that created a mixed texture. The ice cream was easy to eat even though I had just eaten dinner.

This BT21 cafe is a five-minute walk away from Hongik University station. I recommend stopping by when going to Hongdae, a popular shopping district.

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