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タピオカソフトクリームが新大久保で流行中! たくさんの食感が味わえる夏にぴったりなストリートフードがハンパない Tapioca Ice Cream in Korea Town: A New Form of Street Food That’s Perfect for the Summer[動画あり ]

誰もが写真を撮りたくなるタピオカソフトクリーム。新大久保のCafé du Richeで見つけることができる。



夏にぴったりなストリートフードは「Café du Riche」のタピオカソフトがオススメ!

詳しくは動画で (For more information, watch this video):

【動画】Boba Ice Cream in K-Town: It’s Perfect for the Summer! タピオカソフトが新大久保で流行中!

This picture-perfect Tapioca Ice Cream can be found in Café du Riche in Shinokubo, Tokyo’s Korea Town.

After having a couple of bites, I was pleasantly surprised about the different textures in my mouth. The tapioca pearls were, of course, very chewy but the mixture of the crunchy corn puffs and the milky ice cream was flawless. If you get an L size, it comes with an ice cream cone and the amount is fitting for two people.

It is your choice to mix all the ingredients up or eat them one by one. There is space to eat inside and outside, but the Ice cream is a holdable size to walk around with! Other takeout foods include tapioca drinks in a ziplock bag or the ice cream itself in a cup.

I highly recommend the Tapioca Soft Ice Cream from Café du Riche as a perfect snack to eat in the summer!

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